Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary


1.01 The name of the association is Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary, herein after referred to as BCAOC for short.
1.02 The fiscal and the operational year of BCAOC shall be February 01 through January 31 of the following year.
1.03 The Executive Committee shall be elected on or before January 31 in alternative year for two (2) years term
1.04 The language of all verbal communication in the meeting shall be either in English or Bengali
1.05 The language of all written communications shall be preferably in English
1.06 The language of all books, records and meeting minutes shall be in English only


3.1. To promote and preserve the History, Culture and Traditions of Bangladesh in Alberta as well as in Canada.
3.2 To foster better understanding between the Bangladeshis and Canadians in general,
3.3 To promote the general welfare of the community
3.4 To represent the interest of Bangladeshi community at various levels of government and to other ethnic groups and/or organizations,
3.5 To acquire and maintain necessary facilities for achieving the objectives of the BCAOC.

Bangladesh Center, Unit # 211, 3770 Westwinds Drive N.E. Calgary, AB T3J 5H3


5.1: Eligibility
The member of the BCAOC shall be conferred to any individual/person provided who meets all the following criteria:
  5.1.1 Must be 18 years of age or older
  5.1.2 Must be residing in Alberta
  5.1.3 Must pledge the nature (clause 2.0), aims and objectives (clause 3.0) and abiding by the Bylaw of BCAOC
  5.1.4 The Executive Committee (ECM) of BCAOC reserves ultimate right to give/accept membership
  5.1.5 If the ECMs reject an application for membership, the applicant may appeal to the Advisory Committee or at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM), upon a majority affirmative vote at any one of this by voting members, the applicant can become a member of BCAOC. (there is no application process for membership, requires to first for the application process) should be re-written focusing expelled people)
  5.1.6 The person shall be a Bangladeshi - Canadian by birth, domicile or descendant.

5.2.1 General Member:
  Any person who will meet the criteria of membership as mentioned in the Article 5.1 of this Bylaw shall be eligible to become a member.

5.2.2 Life Member:
  Life membership can be offered by the Executive Committee to any general member who shall contribute simultaneously to BCAOC.

5.2.3 Honorary Membership:
  Honorary membership may be conferred by the Executive Committee upon any individual who has rendered outstanding services to the BCAOC by which the BCAOC had substantially gained benefits in terms of funds or technical support or tangible contribution. The honorary members shall not have any voting power.

5.3.1 The annual membership fee shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.
5.3.2 For new arrivals fees shall be prorated.
5.3.3 Annual membership fees are categorized as: (a) Family, (b) Single, (c) Student family, (d) Student single, (e) Senior.
5.3.4 Senior citizens (age will be defined by the Executive committee) pay half of the regular membership fee.
5.3.5 Family membership fees include spouses or common law partners with their minor (under 18 years of age) dependents.
5.3.6 Annual membership fee must be paid before Annual General Meeting of each year to become a Voting Member of that year. The voting members shall be at least 18 years of age.

5.4.1 Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon a notice in writing to the President without any refund of membership fees paid.
5.4.1 Any Member of the Executive Committee may resign or withdraw his/her membership by writing to the President at any time.
5.4.2 The President may resign by writing a 30 days’ notice to the Vice-President
5.4.3 The resignation by any Executive-Council member shall be finalized in a meeting of the Executive Council.
5.4.4 Any member failing to pay his dues for one year losses his/her membership but can be restored by paying the full annual dues at any time.
5.4.5 Any member may be expelled from BCAOC for any reason that is subversive to BCAOC and / or contrary to the objectives of BCAOC, and /or the Societies Act of Alberta and shall be executed in an Annual General Meeting or in a General Meeting by a vote of majority percent members present in the meeting.
5.4.6 The notice of suspension / expulsion of any member decided during the Annual General Meeting / General Meeting shall be sent by registered mail at the last known address of the suspended / expelled member by the Executive Committee within 30 days of decision.
5.4.7 An Executive member convicted of an indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada shall be considered as automatically revoked from his/her position.

No member of the Association shall receive any remuneration for his/her services, unless authorized by the general members.

6.0.1 All members shall have the right to vote and hold office provided he/she had been a member at least three (3) months prior to the time of exercising this right.
6.0.2 The clause 6.0.1 shall be exempted if any one of the following two clauses is satisfied.
6.0.3 The persons concerned have newly arrived in the Province of Alberta.
6.0.4 The general body takes a majority decision to welcome him/her as a new member of the Association with the immediate right to vote and hold office.
6.0.5 The books and records of BCAOC may be inspected by any member at the Annual General Meeting or at any other lime, by writing to the General-Secretary with at least two (2) weeks’ notice.
6.0.6 Any member of BCAOC may make a written complaint of the advisory-Committee against any other member(s) of BCAOC pertaining to any activities detrimental to BCAOC or its By-Law.
6.0.7 Any member of BCAOC may obtain the copy of the copy of the By-Law, any amendments or resolution affecting the By-Law and the minute(s) of the general Meeting(s) upon request to the president or the General Secretary with a fee of $50.
6.0.8 To be active part of BCAOC Membership network and participate in BCAOC events/programs as well as avail its services

All members are obliged to:
7.1 Pay the Annual membership fee.
7.2 Show respect to the Association, its nature, aims and objectives and fellow member(s).
7.3 Respect the decision(s) of any General Meeting or Executive-Committee Meeting.
7.4 Observe the parliamentary language and manners.
5.4.6 Responsive for acting in accordance with the by-laws and objectives of BCAOC and the Societies Act of Alberta.

8.0.1 BCAOC will be run by an Executive Committee specified in the Article 8.0.2.
8.0.2 The Executive Committee shall be elected for 2 years in the Annual General Meeting as per clause 14.0. The Executive Committee shall collectively responsible for carrying out the activities of BCAOC for the years it is elected for. The Executive Committee shall consist of at least 15 (fifteen) office bearers:
(1) President
(2) Vice President (1 or more)
(3) General Secretary
(4) Joint Secretary (1 or more)
(5) Treasurer
(6) Joint Treasure
(7) Cultural Secretary
(8) Social Secretary
(9) IT Secretary
(10) Sport Secretary
(11) Women affairs Secretary
(12) Health and Wellness Secretary
(13) Education Secretary
(14) Executive-Member (Ex-officio). - The Immediate Past President
(15) Executive-Members (3 or more)

8.0.3 No Individual shall hold the same office in the Executive Committee for more than 2 (TWO) consecutive terms.
8.0.4 Executive-member in the event of resignation of any Executive-member(s) other than the President, the Executive Committee may co-opt to fill up the vacant position from the general members. Such cooption shall be ratified in the following General Meeting.
8.0.5 Any executive member missing three consecutive Executive Committee meetings without reasonable ground shall automatically lose his/her Executive Committee membership and the position shall be considered vacant.

9.1.2 Be the chief Executive, provide leadership at all levels and oversee the overall administration of BCAOC
9.1.3 Represent the BCAOC in every aspect to various levels of government and other external bodies as needed
9.1.4 Preside over all meetings whenever present
9.1.5 Be one of the three signatories of all bank accounts along with the General Secretary and the Treasurer
9.1.6 Be responsible for submitting the Society’s Annual Return to the Corporate Registry for his/her tenure
9.1.7 Maintain all external communications and act as the spokesperson of BCAOC
9.1.8 Submit applications timely related to grants, matching fund etc.
9.1.9 Be the authorized person for submitting amendment(s) of by-laws and special resolutions approved during his/her tenure to the Corporate Registry.
9.1.10 Develop short and long term strategies of the BCAOC to achieve its aims and objectives
9.1.11 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement.
9.1.12 Automatically become a member of any Standing Committee of BCAOC. The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may designate any other executive member to take on such a responsibility.
9.1.13 Reserve right to expand executive committee, create and appoint additional positions on top of positions as describe in 8.0.2
9.1.14 Be responsible for all financial transactions, liabilities and outstanding financial and juridical transactions during his/her tenure.
9.1.15 Not eligible for holding the same office in the Executive Committee for more than 2(TWO) terms in his/her life.

9.2.1 Share the responsibilities of the President as determined by the President
9.2.2 Represent the BCAOC in absence of the President
9.2.3 Preside over all the meetings when the President is absent
9.2.4 Assume the responsibility of the president with immediate effect when the President is unable to perform his\her duties for any reason
9.2.5 Be one of the signatories of all bank accounts when either the President or the Treasurer or the General Secretary is unable to do so and nominated by the Executive Committee
9.2.6 Oversee all By-Layal matters - make sure that all activities of BCAOC are in line of its aims and objectives, are permitted within the approved By-Law of BCAOC and are in accordance with the Societies Act of Alberta.
9.2.7 Assist the President to develop short and long term strategies of the BCAOC to achieve its visions
9.2.8 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement.

9.3.1 Maintain over all administration and office activities including safe keeping all document related to BCAOC
9.3.2 Have the charge of the Seal/Stamp of the BCAOC
9.3.3 Call all the meetings with the approval of the President or two third majorities of the Executive Committee Members and circulate agenda
9.3.4 Keep the accurate minutes of all meetings (Executive Committee Meetings, General Meetings & Special General Meetings) and circulate the minutes to appropriate members
9.3.5 Communicate effectively to the general members for keeping update of the BCAOC activities
9.3.6 Liaison with Executive Committee Members to ensure all the assigned activities are completed properly and timely
9.3.7 Provide supports to any Executive Committee Members to complete his/her assigned activity timely
9.3.8 Be one of the three signatories of all bank accounts along with the President and the Treasurer 9.3.9 Keep an up-to-date list of BCAOC membership
9.3.10 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement
9.3.11 Collect all the mails of BCAOC, review and response them appropriately and timely

9.4.1 Be responsible for all the financial affairs of the BCAOC
9.4.2 Be one of the three signatories of all bank accounts along with the President and the General Secretary
9.4.3 Prepare the Annual Financial Statements and get the statement audited
9.4.4 Keep all financial records accurately and handover the audited accounts with all the backup documents and receipts to the next Executive Committee within two weeks from the date of the AGM
9.4.5 Make deposits and pay all the bills timely
9.4.6 Provide leadership to raise fund for BCAOC
9.4.7 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement

9.5.1 Explore to foster better multicultural activities
9.5.2 Responsible for reception of the special guests, dignitaries, and members during BCAOC Events
9.5.3 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement

9.6.1 Plan, arrange, coordinate and execute all cultural activities of BCAOC as per decision in Executive Committee Meetings and as per the annual plan
9.6.2 Communicate and liaison with other cultural organizations for promoting Bengali Culture as approved by the Executive Committee
9.6.3 Promote Bangla language and culture as an integral part of BCAOC – facilitate Bangla School students to participate in various cultural activities of BCAOC.
9.6.4 Perform editorial responsibility in publishing magazine & newsletter etc.
9.6.5 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement

9.7.1 Plan, arrange, coordinate and execute all given department of BCAOC as per decision in Executive Committee Meetings and as per the annual plan
9.7.2 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement

9.8 Member-at-Large (EX-OFFICIO)
9.8.1. Act as a bridge between the past Executive Committee and the present Executive Committee
9.8.2 Advice on By-Layal matters and share previous experiences to execute the programs more effectively and smoothly
9.8.3 Perform any duties of BCAOC as requested by the Executive Committee Members upon mutual agreement

9.9 FINANCIAL POWER of the Executive Committee
9.9.1 The Executive Committee may apply for donations from any other organizations or individuals for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objectives of BCAOC
9.9.2 The Executive Committee Members along with general members may volunteer to any organization for fund raising for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objectives of BCAOC
9.9.3 For the purpose of carrying out the visions, BCAOC may borrow, raise or secure the payment of money in such a manner as it deemed appropriate within its aims and objectives and within the guidelines provided by the Societies Act of Alberta. Any fund raised, borrowed or secured in the name of BCAOC shall be the property of BCAOC and be spent under the authority of BCAOC. In no circumstance, such funds can be spent on any personal gain or benefit.
9.9.4 The Executive Committee may borrow on behalf of BCAOC, only if specifically, authorized by the general members. In such a case, there shall be a Special General Meeting requiring a quorum of at least fifty percent (50%) members. At least seventy-five (75%) percent members present shall vote in favor to authorize the resolution.

9.10 CO-OPTION of an Executive Committee Member
9.10.1 In the event of any vacant position of the Executive Committee member(s) other than the President, the Executive Committee may co-option to fill up the vacant position from the good standing general members. The Executive Committee may also co-opt Executive Members if deemed necessary. Such cooption shall be ratified in the following General Meeting.

BCAOC shall hold the AGM on or before the January 31 in every year for which a written notice with a complete agenda shall be given to all members at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting by email and /or phone and /or mail.
10.1.1 The agenda shall include: Ratification or the minutes of previous General Meeting Presentation of the Annual Activity Report by the president or any other Executive Committee Member with the approval of the President Presentation and approval of the Financial Statement by the Treasurer General discussions Any other matter(s) which may need discussion or approval by the general members of BCAOC The election of the Executive Committee for the following term The selection of the Advisory Committee The selection of the Auditor(s)

A General or Special General Meeting can be called during the year as it deemed necessary.

The procedure to call a General or Special General Meeting is as follows:
10.3.1 By the General Secretary with the approval of the President
10.3.2 By the President on request by a written petition by at least one-half plus one of the total number of the members. Such meetings shall be called "special General Meeting". The president is obliged to call such a meeting when required.
10.3.3 The notice of "special General Meeting" shall accompany the copy of the written request with specific agenda and the signature of the members who signed the petition
10.3.4 There must be three (3) weeks’ time between the notice issued and the date of the meeting to be held
10.3.5 The notice must include the date and time of the meeting to be held, venue and the complete agenda and notify by e-mail and /or phone and /or mail.
10.3.6 The Executive Committee may call a General Meeting to put forward their program for the year if and when necessary
10.3.7 Minutes of the General or Special General Meeting(s) shall be recorded and shall the ratified in the following General Meeting

10.4.1 The meeting shall be held at least once in every three (3) months
10.4.2 The General Secretary shall call the meeting with the approval of the President
10.4.3 In usual circumstance, a minimum of seven days’ notice shall be provided. The meeting notice shall include the time, date, venue and complete agenda of the meeting.
10.4.4 Minutes of the meeting(s) shall be recorded and ratified in the following meeting of the Executive Committee. The meeting minutes shall contain at least following information -a) time, date and meeting venue, b) name and signature of the attendees, c) summary of the decisions & d) description of the process of the proceedings.
10.4.5 Any difference within the members of the Committee should be resolved in an Executive Committee meeting, failing this; the Executive Committee shall refer the matter to the Advisory Committee for their recommendation, The Executive Committee should consult with the Advisory Committee on major decisions (i.e, borrowing money, purchasing facility, natural disaster, economic, social or political crisis etc.) as it deemed appropriate.

10.5.1 The minimum of fifty (50) percent plus one (1) of the total eligible good standing members of the BCAOC will constitute a quorum of any General Meeting unless otherwise specified
10.5.2 ln the event of a lack of quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned and reconvened after fifteen (15) minutes. The thirty percent of the voting members shall constitute a quorum in the reconvened meeting.
10.5.3 Most the Executive Committee Members shall constitute a quorum for any Executive Committee meeting

The decision of any General Meeting unless otherwise specified shall be by simple majority vote by the voting members. In case of a tie, the Presiding Officer or the President shall have the casting vote.

Committee of various natures with specific assignments are formed in the following manner
11.1.1 The members in a General Meeting may elect Committees by a simple majority vote
11.1.2 The Committee(s) elected at the General Meeting shall be responsible to the General Members
11.1.3 Such Committee(s) shall serve its term if not dissolved by the General Members
11.2.1 The Executive Committee may also elect Committee(s) by a simple majority vote
11.2.2 The Committee(s) elected by the Executive Committee shall be responsible to the Executive Committee
11.2.3 All such committees shall cease when dissolved by the Executive Committee or at the expiry of the term of the Executive Committee

11.3.1 The Advisory Committee consisting of minimum five (5) good standing members shall be selected in the election year AGM for two years’ term by the Executive committee.
11.3.2 The Advisory Committee candidate must have a good standing member of BCAOC for at least two years. There will be no Directors. No remuneration will be paid to the Advisory Committee members for their services.
10.3.3 Be responsible for making recommendations to the General Members and Executive Committee for taking disciplinary measure(s) against any member(s) of the Association

11.1.1 A Bangla School Committee shall be formed consisting of five members for two years as bellows:
1)The President of BCAOC shall be the Chair
2) General Secretary
3) Education Secretary
4) Teacher
5) Parent
11.1.2 This committee is responsible for managing all activities of Bangla school, to maintain its facilities, a under the general guidelines of BCAOC and also for promoting Bangla language and culture.
11.1.3 For any major policy changes and / or any financial decisions, this committee shall collaborate with the existing Executive Committee of BCAOC. Under such a situation, the joint decisions made by the Executive Committee and Bangla School Committee shall be final.

11.5.1 EVENT Committee shall be Selected within Executive committee and Advisory committee for obtaining volunteer and fund generation opportunities. the volunteers needed to execute events / activities shall be organized by the Executive Committee.

The by-laws of the BCAOC can only be amended by a special resolution of the members in the following manner:
12.1 A General Meeting must be called with complete agenda
12.2 The proposed amendments of the bylaws shall be sent to all members at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the General Meeting
12.3 The minimum of seventy-five (75%) percent majority vote of the present eligible voting members shall make permanent amendment(s)
12.4 The forty percent (40%) of the total eligible voting members of the BCAOC will constitute a quorum of such General Meeting of the BCAOC

13.0.1 The existing Executive Committee shall form an Election Committee (EC) consisting three Members from Advisory committee in prior of 90 days of election date.
13.0.2 EC’s member cannot be a candidate for any position of the any committee

13.1.1 Election committee will conduct the Election on or before the 3rd Saturday of January of the end of operating year.
13.1.2 The election shall be held to elect BCAOC’s new Executive Committee for the following fiscal and operational year, and members of any other Standing Committees or Subcommittees as needed for 2 years.
13.1.3 Election will be held on A Panel based system. A panel will consist of 15 off voting members of BCAOC and it will be named as the first name of the proposed President and General secretary. For Example, Hafiz-Mofiz panel)
13.1.4 The EC shall notify the general members by November 30 for seeking panel nominations and Electoral schedule by email or by post.
13.1.5 The EC shall finalize the panel and candidates by the 2nd Saturday of January.
13.1.6 The manner of voting for the Executive Committee Member(s) shall be the “Secret Ballot” system.
13.1.7 After the date of withdrawal indicated in the election schedule, the EC shall declare the panel what is uncontested as winner and a final list of panels for whom election is to be held.
13.1.8 For any other election, the members present in the meeting may decide the manner of voting by majority.

13.2.01 The candidates of the panel for the positions of the Executive committee shall conform to the clause 5.0 or 6.0 or 7.0
13.2.02 Anyone interested to serve as a President or Vice -president or General Secretary or Treasurer must be permanent resident of Canada and reside in Calgary for at least two years and have to pay the annual membership fee of BCAOC for the last two years before submitting the nomination paper
13.2.03 All nomination paper shall be forwarded to the Chairman of the Election Committee by the first Saturday of the January
13.2.04 The Submitted nomination paper may be withdrawn by the second Saturday of January

One half plus one number of the total membership may bring the No-Confidence motion against the Executive committee, any of its member(s), any Committee or any Committee member(s) in a general meeting duly called as per clauses 10.3.2, 10.3.3 and 10.3.4.

5.0.1 The books, account(s) and records of the BCAOC shall be audited at least once a year/ prior to the Annual General Meeting, by a duly qualified accountant or at least two members of the association elected to do so in the last Annual General Meeting. The auditor, in case of BCAOC member(s), must not be member of any BCAOC Advisory or Executive committee. The remuneration of the auditor(s) shall be proposed by the Executive committee and approved by last AGM.
15.0.2 A complete and proper statement of the standing of the books for the year shall be submitted by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting of BCAOC. Each Executive Committee Always Member have access to books and records of BCAOC.
15.0.3 The books and records of the BCAOC may be audited & inspected by any member at the Annual General Meeting or at any other time by writing to the General Secretary with at least two (2) weeks' notice
15.0.3 The audited accounts, with all the backup documents and receipts, shall be retained for a minimum period of seven (7) years.
15.0.4 The outgoing Executive Committee shall handover the above documents to the next Executive Committee within two weeks from the date of the Annual General Meeting.

16.0.1 Any member of the Executive Committee who has financial, personal or official interest in, conflict or appearance of conflict with a matter pending before the Executive Committee, of such nature that prevents or may prevent that member from acting on the matter in an impartial manner, will offer to the Executive Committee to voluntarily excuse him/herself from any discussions and refrain from that matter.

17.0.1 The Bangladesh Center property can only be sold for buying another Center/ Property for BCAOC after taking approval at the General Meeting by obtaining majority vote from the registered members
17.0.2 The proceed of sale from Bangladesh Center property and other asset will remain with the assigned Lawyer in the trust account
17.0.3 No one can obtain a mortgage loan or home line of credit loan against the Bangladesh Center property.
17.0.4 Executive Members must take responsibility for Bangladesh Center building maintained including paying utility, condominium fee and other bills, administration and finance fee etc.
17.0.5 Executive Members must collect hall rent for the use of the Bangladesh Center hall and keep the account up to date.

Dissolution will invoke a Special General Meeting. The quorum and decision making process will follow clause 10.5.1 & 10.5.2. In the event of dissolution or winding up of BCAOC, all remaining assets after discharging of the liabilities shall be distributed to one or more recognized charitable organizations in Canada.

BCAOC will be pay the legal cost if it occurs to any Executive Members during performing BCAOC's activities diligently. The amount of the legal fee payment by BCAOC shall be determined by the Executive Committee.